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    As the youth hockey season comesthhhto a close, I am reminded almost every day that this is the most chaotic time of year for hockey parents. It’s that crazy stretch where stress, anxiety, and the fear of unpredictability casts a dark shadow onto our sport at the youth levels.CBD oil helps fight anxiety associated with the game So I got to thinking…really… Why so much craziness? Why do people lose their minds at this time of year? Why do people get so invested into literally a youth sport? And as I thought about it and then spoke to a lot of my friends and colleagues in the industry, the answers that kept coming up were these: “
  2. Ignoré au Midget AAA, il compte déjà 82

    Alright, heard something today and I can't make sense of how on the planet this functions - giving Mountain Dew to a youngster with ADHD. Anybody knew about this?