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  1. mises en échecs - bodychecking

    Several very good points made above. I guess it is how you look at the game of hockey . In terms of what age to start bodychecking, if it is viewed as as a skill set of hockey, then it should be taught in conjunction with the other aspects of stickhandling, skating, passing and shooting. In my opinion we start too late in Quebec. if you watch Bantam, Midget, Espoir and AAA, there is an inordinate amount of checking from behind infractions. These type of infractions are very dangerous.Many of the times it is because the players do not know how to deliver a proper hit. A second reason is that the oppposing player does not know how to avoid putting themselves in vulnerable positions where they are more apt to be hit. Some coaches do teach that bodychecking is to hurt or intimidate the opposing player. This is not what this skill set is about.The purpose of the players check, is to seperate the opposing player from the puck so that his team can regain possession of the puck as quickly as possible. At what age is the right one to start teaching this basic skill? 10-12? For those children or parents that are not comfortable with body contact there is already a very good system in place to play. One of the reasons it is difficult to discuss this issue in this province, is that we do not have a minor/major system for age classification. Presently we have a two year age gap. Until that gets corrected, not much can change. For a safer enviroment for the players, I am more concerned with the age classification, the hitting from behind, and the non calls by officials on any head infractions. (this should be an automatic penalty even if accidental) Other things that we can do, is to look at what age youth football or youth rugby start initiating contact in their sports. No right answers to this, only opinions depending upon how you view the game.
  2. Opting to play CC instead of BB

    Hockey should be played for the fun first. Too soon. if they choose, the player will feel the pressure of making and playing for a AA team. In no way should there be sanctions put in place. If there are sanctions, this would only serve to turn off the player/family from the sport. If the asscocaition or coach cannot convince the parent/child that they will have a rewarding year playing at a higher level then so be it. The association and coaches responsability is to take the players that are committed to a higher level and mold them into the best "team".
  3. why a english section

    Hi hockeyplayeur. There seems to be a minority, ( small but vocal), group who do not wish to have anyone post other then the primary langauge. To minimize the conflict , it is easier to post here.
  4. Montreal Midget AAA

    Interesting pick-ups by team. Solidifys D and a good pick-up at forward in Langlois. Very surprised he was unprotected by Chateauguay.
  5. Always a tough team to crack. Thought would be a few more Q based invites based upon Gatineau Head Coach. Selection process not so good for Quebec . Goalies- 0/4 Defence- 2/16 (Marshall and Yann Sauve) Forwards- 3/24 (Byron, Deschamps, Maxime Sauve) Total 5/44.
  6. Canada U-18 team Invites

    A liitle better for Quebec development. 8 out of 40 players. Over represented in goalies (2 of 4),Clermont and Roy, defence (4/12), Depres, Fournier, Labrie, Tam and under represented at forward (2/24) with only Louis Leblanc and David Gilbert recieving invites. Good Luck to all.
  7. Hockey Quebec needs to continue to make progressive changes to catch up to the rest of the country. Good start with lates. Next step has to be minor/ major program at each level. I also wonder if the Q looks at some the sizes being selected first round for NHL. A few guys 5'11'' and under. Select hockey skill first, size second. Not vice versa.
  8. No Lates.

    Yes it is not fair for the individual child that will be affected this year. The one probably most concerned are the 92L who must now make the MAAA team or will have a hard time making AA, BB, CC. What would that number of players be in the overall number of players? Small. Is the change good. Yes and necessary. Could it be handled better? Yes. Probably with a phase in and definitly a minor/major set-up. I believe the majority of the current criticism would be coming from parents of the children affected, and not the child themselves. A lot of the time we as parents hoist our aspirations upon our kids, instead of just letting them play the game.
  9. No Lates.

    Word on street ,no lates for this year except in MAAA. (allowed 5). Confirmation from hockey Quebec Monday? comments?

    Hughes, I understand what your are saying. But at end of day, the team had the most wins in league (Ouest). No team was more consisitent. I think as parents we always want more, especially if we begin the season with high expectations. I think if you ask the kids, most would say different. Question to ask "What team/coach would the kids have rather played for?"

    Hughes, You are off base. Coach for Bourassa did an excellent job with his team this year. Overall, look at the teams in Espoir and tell us who got a more consistent effort out of his team. and had the most on-ice discipline. Tournaments are a crap shoot. You have to be good and lucky. SMI won a tournament and was a finalist in another. Other then that...... Hats off to this coach.