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  1. Opting to play CC instead of BB

    You're kind of hitting on my point. There's not much difference between CC and BB. Ice time is the same, cost is the same, number of games, tournaments, etc. BB is just a bit stronger in calibre. So some of the softer issues, like the reputation of the respective coaches, can come into play. Especially at higher levels where kids have experienced the same coaches who are constantly moving up with them. I agree that kids should play where they belong. It's a simple yet powerful guideline. But some kids will start to challenge the notion that they have to always play at the highest level, especially if it means playing for someone they don't like or with whom they have had bad experiences in the past. It won't surprise me to go into a tournament this year and see some very strong CC teams owing to the fact that they have some strong players who elected to play down a level.
  2. Opting to play CC instead of BB

    Agree with everything you said. I'm just curious if anyone saw such sanctions back in the day when there used to be CC. How do other orgs handle it (if at all). Kids seem to be different than when we were growing up. I see talented kids who lack self-confidence and would rather just stay at a lower level and be more of a star. They know about all of the "superstars" at the higher level and aren't sure they can measure up. They also feel alot of the pressure that is put on them. I'm realizing that pressure often comes in quiet, subtle ways. We do and say the right things as parents but then we send them to power-skating, summer hockey, hockey schools and buy them expensive equipment. There's an unspoken expectation that they will perform for us in return. That's the deal. I think they start to sense this expectation. Some are starting to question why they always have to play at the highest level when they can play with some of their friends, be more of a star, and consequently have less pressure and expectations.
  3. Opting to play CC instead of BB

    Consider it to be Atom. 2 players considered to be amongst the top 6 or 7 players expected to play BB decide that they would rather just play CC because BB is too serious and they have more friends on the CC team (for example). The organization is somewhat outraged because it will hurt the BB team and it could set a dangerous precedent wherein other players start to do the same thing. if you are President of that organization do you have the right to implement some hardline policy? Or do you just defer to the child and his parent and allow him to choose where he would like to play?
  4. If a player should decide that he would rather play CC instead of BB, do you think it should be permitted? Do any organizations have policies regarding this? I guess HQ doesn't get involved in issues like this or have any overriding policies...or? Playing A instead of BB is more clear cut and acceptable because the player is opting to follow a recreational path rather than a competitive one. With the advent of CC, I can see some organizations getting taken of guard when a projected BB player surprises everyone with the announcement that he just wants to play CC. Thoughts?