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  1. Tournoi St-Jérome

    You say cobras got easy pool, they did not choose teams to play Against. But the fun begins today cobras conquerant,
  2. Tournoi St-Jérome

    You under estimate some team that are at this tournament. comme quelle ? :?: It is still early but Drummonville was not ready this morning 3-0 lakeshore shaping up for a great final between Lakeshore and cobras as I mentioned in an earlier post.Lsl may not be as soft as some think. Go Cobras
  3. Tournoi St-Jérome

    Should be a fun week, it should be a cobras - lakeshore final with the cobras comming out on top, though it might seems that LSL may not have strength I cant wait to see the teams play drummondville and conquerant.
  4. Lac St-Louis

    I don't see much issue with your list except dont rule out cobras. I would suggest that cobras will be ahead of lakeshore At end of season
  5. Équipe à surveillé !!

    Cobras Lasalle verdun (lac St. Louis) have started season 9-0
  6. Lac St-Louis

    Cobras now 9-0 top dog for now.........
  7. Lac St-Louis

    Biggest surprise cobras 7-0 to start season :)
  8. Lac St-Louis

    Who would have thought cobras would be 6-0 to start season with a win today against Lakeshore I guess ThreeA was not 1of them Go cobras
  9. Lac St-Louis

    Cobras off to good start 4 - 0. This weekend Should be fun. Trois lac and Lakeshore we will find out more about division after this weekend Go Cobras
  10. Lac St-Louis

    Watch out for the cobras very good team
  11. Coupe Dodge 2011

    If no. 17 plays in super AAA2000, he won't have any problem and will easily compete with any star 2000. Bravo! Congratulations to Bastion they had an amazing tournament and team it was fantastic to see some of their skilled players who I have not seen before
  12. Boas lasalle numero 1

    See you all at the dodge cup Go Boas
  13. regionnaux atome bb

  14. regionnaux atome bb

  15. regionnaux atome bb