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L’article traite de 2-3 sujets :


Tournoi de printemps locaux : c’est normal que les organisateurs enregistre des profits. Ils prennent des risques financiers et doivent être récompensé pour ceux-ci. Capitaliste 101 non ?


Brick : Chacun est libre de faire ses choix et faire se qu’il veux avec son argent et son temps !!! J’ai toujours eu la même opinion de se tournoi : l’investissement temps et argent ne justifie pas le temps de glace qu’un joueur du Qc va avoir à Edmonton.


Les maths sont simple : 6 matchs de 39 min (moins les punitions) fait que ton kid va jouer autour de 10min par match. Certaines années sont même descendu à 10 avants !!!!


Dans la même ligné, le Show, Italie et le Triple Crown font beaucoup plus de sens niveau temps de glace.


Faut pas oublier au finale que ça reste des tournois de hockey. On veux qu’ils jouent au _____.


Autre point sur le développement vs des matchs —> ça prend un mixe mais je suis d’accord avec l’auteur sur cette aspect surtout dans un monde où les ressources sont limités (temps et argent).


Finalement, pas d’accord sur le fait que le hockey de printemps est néfaste pour les jeunes...ça dépend en fait avec qui tu t’entours et la philosophie de l’equipe.

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This person wrote an article and tried to apply it to all the teams/players/families who go to the Brick. 


It obviously costs much less money for BC, AB, SK, MB. The teams from further out can fundraise to lower their fees. Our family of 4 is going, then flying out to BC for a week, and it's still going to cost less than $10,000 without fundraising. Everyone who hates on the Brick likes to greatly exaggerate the overall cost.

Flight 1 kid 1 adult


Hotel 9 nights


Team fees




Food & Extras



Estimated cost for 2 people is $5500 without any fundraising (in Quebec). 

You really need to save money? Share a room with another player. Limit the extras.
Or do what we're doing and treat it like a mini-vacation and take the opportunity to see what it's like on the west coast of Canada. Not all vacations have to involve beaches and all inclusive resorts.

How can you even take an article seriously that says: "The real 9-year old, 10-year-old, and 11-year-old hockey players that have potential talent should be investing in hockey schools and development camps to improve not only their skills but their collegiality in terms of solidifying their growth and talent with potential competitors." Oh yes, because REAL :roll: players with potential talent should practice, practice, practice, practice, practice, practice. All work & no fun ruins the game of hockey. 

"The Brick and their sponsors are screwing American teams out of hard-earned money because they feel privileged to play in the overemphasized Brick Invitational Hockey Tournament." Really? Because I thought everyone has a choice with what they want to do with their money. Nobody is forcing anyone to go to this tournament.

"It’s sad that coaches are luring parents in to spend money on aspirations of going to the NHL based on being invited into the Brick tournament at 10 years old." Nobody believes this or even thinks this way. 

"Let’s get it straight; spring hockey is just pond hockey. There’s no development in spring hockey, the only thing players accomplish is picking up bad habits and playing differently than they would with their winter teams." Spring hockey is the only time that parents have a CHOICE of who will coach & develop their kids. Winter hockey forces you on to a team dependent solely on your postal code. Coaches are usually chosen from whoever's kid has made the team, whether they are qualified or not. I'll stick with choice over being forced any day.

This article is complete garbage for so many reasons.

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