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  1. Lions lac saint louis - Bantam aaa

    :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:À ne pas oublier....Charles-Alexis LEGAULT. Il est sur l'équipe Midget AAA. Malgré sont nom Québecois de souche, il est Anglophone :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: Finalement....Alexi VAN HOUTTE, aussi sur l'équipe midget aaa....Tu peux pas etre plus Quebecois que lui (ou plus chinois????) ;-) ;-).
  2. Bauer 1X droitier Griptac Flex 60 Lie 5 Courbe Stamkos 185$ envoie message si intéressé
  3. Tournoi National Pee-Wee de St-Hyacinthe

    Go GAULOIS Go!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. 2006 D2 Team needs 3 forwards

    Au Quebec ca ce passe en français! Bloque!!!! Est ce que vous avez des chinois sur votre equipe? Je connais un chinois 2003 qui joue PW AAA dans votre region. Y est bon pour un chinois! Bonne chance avec votre equipe Billy!
  5. Elbow pads Bauer APX jr Large .... Jamais porte 65$ email moi ou par message privée arkangel140@hotmail.com
  6. Brick 2014

    That is my opinion and I can only speak for myself, but until the other Brick parents come out here and express their opinions for themselves, I respectfully disagree with your statement that there are 14 other sets of parents who are unhappy. I agree with you. There are some of our friends who are not happy with the way that things turned out, but if you ask the kids if they had a good time. Ask the kids how they enjoyed the whole experience. I would bet that they would all be willing to go to the Brick again! Your son is the best 2004 in Quebec and he is blessed with the chance to relive the whole Brick experience this year. I can only assume that he had a great time last year, because I hear he is going again this year. I know you care about the kids, you ve always told me that and I believe you. Many parents of prospective Brick players read this site, so it's important to offer different perspectives of the Brick experience so that they can make a fair choice for their kids. As for our season, we are enjoying it and making the best of it. I wish you all the best at the Brick! I am sure your son will be a stud for his team!
  7. Comment ce porte vos série??

    Pas commence encore dans Lac St Louis
  8. Brick 2014

    My son went to the Brick last year with the Ice Storm. I ve read this whole thread so far and I think I can offer some insight given that I was there. First off, I have to say that my son had a blast at this tournament! To date, it was by far the greatest tournament he has been part of in his young hockey career. The players are treated like rock stars and the calibre of hockey is the absolute best you will see at this age level. I firmly believe that all the kids on last years Brick team grew as hockey players from their experience on that team. I am not going to comment on player selection or the process of selecting the players. Is the whole process perfect? The answer is no....but what selection process is perfect? Did we have all the best players there? I would say we had most of them there.....Should the Brick Team have played and practiced together for the spring season? I think yes, but that would mean that the Stallions would have lost 8 players, Vortex would have lost their best goalie, Ice Storm 2003 would have lost 2 of their best players and Cascade would have lost 4 of their best players. The better question is would the coaches of those teams accept or be ok with losing their best players for the spring and summer season? I would think those coaches would be against that. All that being said, Rick Rusk and Beau Rusk were always approachable and available to the parents and players. I spoke to Beau and Rick many times during our time at the Brick. They are good people. Just take the time to talk to them and you ll see. Coach Luneau was always available to the parents who wanted to speak with him as well. We invited Coach Luneau and his girlfriend to have a drink over at the home we rented. We spent the evening chatting about hockey and his coaching experiences. It was one of the best evenings we spent in Edmonton. I can tell you that my son learned a great deal about the game of hockey in a few practices and tournaments with coach Luneau. He did not claim to have all the answers to all things hockey, but it was clear to me he had a lot of knowledge to share with the kids. He admitted to us that the tournament was a great learning experience for him as much as it was for the kids. I am confident that coach Luneau will be great with the kids and prepare them for what lies ahead. I have no beef with Rick Rusk, Coach Luneau or anyone else related to the Brick Tournament, so I m not going to bash the process. The bottom line is if you want to go to the Brick, you have to follow the rules set out by those who own the rights. My advice to all the parents who are on the fence about the Brick, is to ask your kids. Ask your kids if they want to go to the Brick. Leave your thoughts about the Brick process, coaches, or owners out of the equation. Just ask your kids if they want to go. Tell them, they will be playing against the best kids in North America.....tell them....they will be treated like rock stars....tell them they will have just as much fun off the ice as they will on the ice!!!! I don t know of any kid who would say NO to that!!!! Most kids only get one shot at the Brick.....Do you really want to take that experience away from them. Yeah its a lot of money....I get it!!! There are ways to make the trip affordable to people with lesser means like myself. We bought our flights on AirMiles and raised $2000 by selling autographed hockey sticks and other donated gear. Other parents applied for bursaries and grants from their local Caisse Desjardins and other organizations. If your kid really wants to go, you ll find a way to get the money... Any kid good enough to make a Brick Team has worked their ass off to get as good as they are. Reward them by giving them the chance to be among the best in their age group in Edmonton! If any of you have any questions or concerns regarding the Brick, please message me and I will be more than glad to share our thoughts. Good luck to all the players who are confirmed!!!
  9. I am not enrager apres personne ou le bâton. I won the baton....j ai riens paye.... Mon fils aime pas ce bâton. Je l offre prix donne... car ça reste dans le coin de sa chambre. Mon fils aime sont bâton a 80$ au lieu d un baton a 280$.... c est aussi simple que ça.
  10. quoi??? le bâton appartien a mon fils! oui....je l est trouve dans le magasin de sport!
  11. Je suis présentement sur le bol en lisant ces postes intéressants!!! Je fais mon propre "dump" (ouff ca pu!!!) dans quelques second je va faire le "chase"....!!!!!
  12. Very interesting article! My wife has coached at the cegep and university level and she subscribes to this school of thought. It was our worry this season that we had our son in too much hockey with his aaa season and the Brick. Against our better judgement, we neglected his baseball, basketball and soccer for hockey. Now at the end of the brick, we are rethinking what can be done differently after the minor hockey season to better benefit my son s athletic development. Great article!!!

    Le Brick etait une experience inoubliable pour mon fils, ma femme et moi. J ai eu la chance de connaitre des bons parents qu ont connaissaient pas avant, comme les luneau, Blackburn, fortin.... Vraiment des bonnes personnes! Meme si il y a eu des decisions prisent qui n a pas favoriser mon fils ...ACAC.... :), il reste que c est la realite de coaching et de sport. Ca demontre que mon fils a des asspects de son jeu a travailler . On est presentement a jasper ab , mais j ai hates a retourner a mtl pour prendre une bonne poutine. Merci aux coaches Beau, coach luneau et coach Legault pour vos efforts et me Rusk et Rick hunger pour votre support!!! Pour tout ceux qui auront la chance d y aller, je vous encourage d aller au brick! Ce sont les paroles de mon fils !
  14. Ice Storm Brick 2003

    Merci Pete et Alex .... On viens de pratique et les enfants sont exite. On joue un match hors concour contre Saskatchewan demain!!!! La seul place pour poutine ici c est NY Fries. Pooooorrrrie!!!